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Hi, my name is Cynthia Naff. My job is to help you live your life better, and I have been developing approaches to help you in accomplishing this most important task for 23 years!

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roaching the counseling process from a holistic perspective you can experience growth, leading to emotional balance, better focus and a calmer mind. Hearing your needs and concerns, and creating a plan that fits your individual needs is the key. The complexity of living in the 21st century has created new issues that often need to be addressed. If you are struggling with these or other issues, there are successful strategies for helping you overcome them.


Anxiety, The Number One Emotional Problem Today. Research shows that anxiety is now our number one emotional health problem today. Is it any wonder? We are bombarded every day by media reports of violence and tragedy in our world. Technology has created a style of daily living that is pressured and fast pace. The result is increased levels of stress for most and anxiety for many. If you are having trouble sleeping, have constant, worried thoughts you cannot turn off, find yourself jumpy or with a racing heart for no apparent reason, then you may be experiencing anxiety. But there is good news. Anxiety is  successfully treated with counseling designed to correct the underlying issues and addressing the emotional, cognitive and physical components of the issue in a holistic manner. Call me today for more information and to make an appointment. 

Depression, An Experience That Most Of Us Have At Some Point In Our Life

Most all of us experience an episode of depression due to difficult life events. Counseling helps by developing new ways of thinking and correcting or changing habitual patterns of thought.

Relationship Concerns, A Primary Source of Stress For Many Couples
Relationships that last and are fulfilling is a goal that most of strive to achieve but often we have no models to follow that help. Counseling can help identify the repeated behaviors that keep relationships stuck and assist in developing healthy patterns of interaction.

Parenting Today, A More Complicated Challenge Than Ever Before
So many new influences today jeopardize the well-being and behavior of children today. Social and electonic media make it more challenging for parents to determine what limits to set and how to maintain appropriate structure for their family. By applying sound behavioral knowledge I can help parents learn how to make the best decisions for raising their children to healthy adulthood.

Is The Internet Taking A Toll On The Relationship With Someone Close To You?
Texting and email have made it much easier to "connect" with others. The results are that unintended relationships develop that interfere with the relationships that really matter. If you are concerned that you, your spouse or partner is letting a relationship built on texts and emails interfere with the most important relationship in your life, it is time to consider counseling. I am here to help.

Does Your Child Need To Learn More Effective Study Habits?
I can help your child learn to study more effectively, retain more, perform better on tests and improve his or her grades. In two to four sessions your child will learn a new set of skills that will serve him throughout his schooling. Good learning strategies become more and more important as your student progresses to higher grades. Now is the time to develop study habits that are effective!

Learn How To Make Your Brain Work For You
New scientific advancement happen every day and tells us more abourt how our brain works and how to use that knowledge to improve our lives. You can learn to control what your brain does. Much of what your are experiencing if depressed, anxious, or having difficulty in a relationship is not a result of emotioinal problems but driven instead by habits of thinking that can be change once identified.

Alcohol, Drug and Prescription Addictions
Alcohol and drug issues are also issues with which many struggle today. Too often today, prescription pain medications take over the lives of individuals so quickly that help and support from a counselor specially trained to assist in overcoming addictions is necessary. I, and other staff here in my office, has extensive expertise in assisting you to conquer addiction through an approach that combines strategies for phsycial, emotional and cognitive healing.

As a counselor and therapists, my approach to counseling is to help you resolve current problems and long-standing patterns of thinking that are not working for you. Through counseling that involves careful listening, sensitivity and care, I will help you find solutions to a wide range of life challenges and psychological issues. I will help you understand the symptoms you experience and how they are created by life situations, emotional problems, marriage issues, family of origin issues or addictions. Whether the problem is depression, anxiety, panic attacks, marital problems, anger issues, work conflict, pain management or disappointment in relationships, I will customize an effective counseling program.
Blending conventional and alternantive approaches, we draw on a variety of styles and techniques to design counseling that will be the most helpful for you. I work with you to help  build on your strengths to identify and achieve life goals through a holistic approach.

  Cynthia Naff, LPC-S,LADC-S is licensed in the field of mental health and addictions and has been a practicing counselor counselor supervisor for over 22 years. She has been teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate college level for the past 10 years
and also provides workshops and training to other licensed professionals.

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