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Licensing Supervision for LPC's and LADC's

Cynthia Naff, LPC, LADC

is licensed and certified to supervise candidates for both LPC and LADC. She has over 20 years of experience as a supervisor and has also taught psychology classes typically included in counseling curriculums. As a supervisor, Cynthia will first focus on helping you as a licensing candidate assess the strengths and weaknesses of your education and provide resources to insure competency in all basic areas. She will provide resources to help you develop any needed competencies and teach skills not generally taught in Master's Degree curriculums. She will explore with you the goals you have set for yourself for future practice,  including your areas of interest and desire for specialization.

Ongoing supervision will include a site visit to your work place, weekly discussion of cases with suggestions for resources or therapeutic approaches, co-therapy, and periodic assessment of progress. The supervision process follows the requirements specified by the LPC/LMFT board. When enough candidates are under supervision, group supervision will be included to help optimize the learning experience by sharing experiences in the field.

For more information please call Cynthia at 585-9888.


Laura Savage, LPC, LADC 

is a state board approved LPC supervisor with experience supervising LPC candidates and graduate student interns.   Laura's approach to counseling, and to supervision, has been influenced by her involvement in multi-disciplinary treatment systems and by specialized training in Beck's Cognitive Therapy.  She incorporates these influences into her own therapeutic orientation.As a supervisor, Laura will first focus on exploring the LPC candidates strengths and deficits in core areas.  She will work with her supervisee to strengthen those areas that may be lacking and to help the supervisee prepare for the state licensing exam.  She will help her supervisees find their own path/their own counseling style that incorporates their core beliefs and personalities while maintaing an ethically sound practice.

The supervision process will include everything that is required by the Health Board such as the appropriate ratio of supervision to work hours, site visits, and periodic evaluations.  Laura will make herself available to her supervisees at all times.  In the circumstance of her unavailability, she will ensure that another LPC supervisor will be available in case of emergency. When enough candidates are under supervision, group supervision will be made available to them to optimize their learning by sharing their experiences amongst other beginning counselors.

For more information, please contact Laura at 918-606-3656


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