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Marriage Counseling


Most couples experience conflict or
discontent in their marital relationships, often as a result of difficulty communicating effectively. . It is a normal part of growth and change in relationships. Changes in jobs, having children, health issues and family of origin issues can all contribute to discontent or loss of interest in a relationship. It does not, however, mean that there is no hope for improvement. As couples adjust to change in their lives they can and do regain or even find an even better level of satisfaction in their relationship. Some couples may need help learning to communicate effectively, or  in working through issues that are causing distance or dissatisfaction in their relationships, or benefit from learning how to "maintain" a strong relationship.. For couples who have not worked through a period of conflict or dissatisfaction after 6 months it is most likely time to consider professional help. Signs that your relationship is not healing are:
-You have trouble communicating effectively and it frequently leads to verbal conflict
-Your spouse spends lots of time texting and emailng friends who are not mutual to the relationship
-You argue or fight about the same issues over and over again
-One or both of you have difficulty letting go of past issues or hurts
- One or both of you is angry or resentful frequently
-One or both of you has been tempted to seek comfort with someone outside of the relationship or has been unfaithfull
-There are continuing conflicts about money or parenting
-One or both of you avoid conversation for fear it will lead to an argument or fight

If some of these symptoms describe your relationship consider seeking help to learn new skills for more effective communication, determine what are the core issues that are leading to distance in your relationship and develop a strategy for a healthy lifelong relationship that will weather the adversities of living.

Note: Marriage or couple counseling is available by check or cash but not through insurance reimbursement.

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